Our mission, vision & strategy

Our people are indispensable. Together we seek to build a working environment that is excellent, fun, smart and safe. As a family business, Cordeel wants to build strategic continuity for the next generation by making a positive contribution to the development of our world. Through small and large efforts - and mostly by surprising innovations - Cordeel is building a healthy, green world and helping to create a sustainable future. By doing our job smarter, more environment-friendly, and faster, we will become a pioneer amongst companies that care about sustainable building.


Sustainable business is not a fashion trend for Cordeel, but a way of doing business. Our mission therefore reads as follows: "Building a passionate CO2-free future". We are actively committed to becoming a leading example in the construction world and to encourage other companies to build a more sustainable world.

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Vision: The happiest company to work for/with

At Cordeel Group, our people are the key to our success. Therefore, we strive to create an environment where our employees can be at their best. We want our company to be a happy place to work, where people feel inspired and come to work with energy, enthusiasm and engagement. A place where every employee can have an exciting professional journey with opportunities for development and growth. Where employees feel valued and engaged, and are therefore highly motivated. A workplace that improves their physical and mental health, and where they feel happy.

We want to enable our people to develop themselves and their careers by encouraging them to learn and continue to grow, with clear roles and responsibilities. We offer employment and decent work for all people, including young people and people from different backgrounds, and pay attention to equal opportunities. We work hard at creating a fully inclusive workplace that embraces diversity. And we encourage them to give back to their communities. We believe this is a direct investment in sustainable employability and the best guarantee for future success. It is our duty and responsibility to work ethically and make a long-term positive impact on society.


Supported by the expertise within the group, we want to create a sustainable acceleration by vertical integration with the ultimate goal of becoming the fastest builder of Europe. By doing our job smarter, more environmentally friendly and faster, we will become the number one choice of everyone who cares about sustainable building.