NLT-Pivaco builds for Callebaut

Production expansion Barry Callebaut

Chocolate manufacturer Callebaut needed double-walled pipes for a new production line that produces various types of fluid chocolate. Due to minor variances in the location of the machines and the dimensions of the base components, the project required a customised solution.

Customisation and flexibility

Complete drawings of the new production line in Halle were available and NLT-Pivaco was tasked with transforming the plans into reality. Minor differences between the drawings and on site circumstances were resolved on the spot in consultation with Callebaut. As NLT-Pivaco has its own workshop, the team could quickly respond to changing circumstances and provide a full-service solution. With access to the workshop and close consultation with the client to avoid obstacles, progress of the new production line remained on track. 

First big project for Callebaut

Callebaut had previously commissioned NLT-Pivaco to carry out various smaller projects, but this was the first large undertaking for the famous couverture chocolate manufacturer. The double-walled piping system is necessary to ensure that chocolate remains fluid during the production process. For this, hot water is used - similar to using au bain-marie - which is pumped through the double walls.

Project properties

Project name
Production expansion Barry Callebaut
Barry Callebaut
Logistics & Production
Type of contract
6 months